These are some of the ways organisations have used the Echo Mobile platform

Marketing and Customer Care

M-KOPA is using Echo Mobile as part of its overall marketing and customer care processes. They run a radio campaign to market their product and interested clients are asked to send a keyword “KOPA” to their short code for more information. Each client receives an auto-response SMS stating that the customer care representatives will get back to them. M-KOPA customer care monitor incoming messages in their Echo Inbox, call the clients back, archive messages, and make notes in the client’s profile.

Registry and Data Collection

Echo has worked closely with the Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KEPSHA) and Kenya Primary School Heads Association (KSSHA) to build a national registry of schools across the country. Surveys were then sent to collect performance, demographic, and emergency readiness information in real time and provide an SMS reporting tool for schools to send messages free anytime. Advanced analytic tools further enable KEPSHA and KSSHA to report incoming data in a visual, mapped narrative.

Social Performance Monitoring

Juhudi Kilimo is a microfinance institution working with smallholder farmers across Kenya. As a social business, they are constantly monitoring their impact but communication with clients in rural areas can be challenging. We originally developed Echo to serve Juhudi’s clients by providing a forum for client feedback and surveying. Juhudi has used Grameen’s Progress of Poverty Index (PPI), client satisfaction surveys, agricultural production surveys, and other tools to measure how their loans are changing lives.